Tax Ready Checklist

Personal Taxes

Personal Information
o Driver's License(s) & Social Security card(s)
o Dependent’s/Spouse’s Social Security cards and birth dates

o Wage statements/W-2s
o Self-employment business income and expenses and vehicle mileage/1099-MISC
and income records to verify amounts
o Pension, retirement income/1099-R
o Unemployment income/1099-G
o Social Security income/SSA-1099/RRB-1099
o Commissions received/paid/1099’s
o Statements on the sales of stocks or bonds/1099-B
o Interest and dividend income/1099

o Lottery or gambling winnings/losses/W2-g
o State refund amount/1099-G
o Alimony paid or received and ex-spouse info
o Income and expenses from rental properties

o Form 1098 Mortgage or home equity loan interest
o Real estate and personal property taxes
o Child care expenses and provider information (Federal ID Number)
o Medical and dental expenses (also miles)
o Cash and non-cash charitable donations
o Home purchase closing statement/HUD
o Casualty or theft losses
o IRA contributions/Form 5498
o State or local taxes paid
o Estimated taxes or foreign taxes paid
o Car purchase paperwork showing sales tax
o Record of purchase or sale of your house
o Educator expenses
o Tuition and Education Fees/1098-T
o Student loan interest/1098-E

Miscellaneous Items
o Last year's Federal and State tax return
o 1095-A* If purchased health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace
o Canceled Debt Amount/1099-C




Business/Corporate Taxes

Income (Totaled)
o Gross receipts from sales or services
o Refunds/Returns
o Business checking/savings account interest (1099-INT or statement)
o Other income
Inventory (if applicable)
o Beginning inventory
o Inventory purchases
o Ending inventory

Expenses (Totaled by Category) Examples:
o Advertising
o Automobile Expenses
o Gas, Repairs, Etc.
o Mileage Driven
o Insurance
o Automobile
o Liability
o Business
o Errors & Omissions
o Workers Comp
o Travel expenses (Hotel, Airfare, Taxi, etc@)
o Parking and tolls
o Meals and Entertainment
o Internet connection (hotel, Internet café etc.)
o Legal Fees
o Office Supplies
o Rent Expense
o Any Other Expenses, etc.

Employee & Subcontractor payments
1099’s-MISC and 1096
W3/W2’s from Payroll Company
Federal and state payroll returns (Form 941’s, 940, UCT6’s, etc.)

Assets & Equipment
o Cost and acquisition date of assets
o Sales price and disposition date of any assets sold

Interest expense
o Mortgage interest on building owned by business
o Business loan interest
o Auto Loan Interest
o Business Equipment Loans

Miscellaneous Items
Last year's Federal and State tax return