Tax Preparation

Personal and business income tax return preparation can be time-consuming and stressful. An unintentional error can be very costly, disheartening and stressful especially when the error is brought to the attention of the IRS. At ZAJ, we carefully prepare your tax return to ensure there are no errors or risk to you all while ensuring you receive all the deductions and credits you’re entitled to, and work to get you the biggest refund or lowest liability possible.  We specialize in preparing:

  • Federal Tax Returns
  • State Tax Returns
  • Self Employed Tax Returns (Schedule C)
  • Tax Amendments
  • Tax Resolution
  • IRS Letter Correspondence
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Education on current laws and tax updates

We are an IRS authorized e-file provider and AFSP (annual filing season participant)

Pricing starts at $185 and up.


Our services also include:

  • An in-depth review of your unique tax situation to ensure that we are taking advantage of every credit and deduction possible to lower your taxable income
  • The ability to file now, pay later with our Refund Transfer option ($39.95)- optional
  • Advances up to $6,000 to hold you until the IRS processes and pays your refund (dependent on your refund amount) -optional
  • IRS and State Audit Assistance as well as Identity Theft Restoration Services through Protection Plus ($54.95) - optional
  • Secure document sharing with our online document portal
  • Affordable pricing based only on the forms we use. We don’t charge you based on your refund amount
  • Fast and friendly  tax preparation done right!


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